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by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

GAStronomy with BC pride. Welcome to our culinary journey of Vancouver. Our chefs are proud of this beautiful place we live in known as, British Columbia, Canada.

BC’s chefs come from all walks of life. Their stories are fascinating, their journeys are as mountainous as the regions of our province.

They come too from every corner of the world. If you are visiting, take a stroll down any Vancouver street and you will be sure to see a restaurant featuring something from “back home”, wherever that may be.

There are two major components of our chefs’ cuisines:


They, more than anyone else, are proud, passionately proud, of our local foods. When these chefs speak about the products that are produced in British Columbia they wax lyrical.


They literally sing the praises of our farms and farmers – they love the cheeses of a certain producer, the vegetables of a certain area, the fish brought in by their special fisherman or fisherwoman, the ducks, beef, chicken and countless other ingredients we grow with love and respect here. Agriculture in all its glory is celebrated in each and every dish our chefs create.

The second component, is cooking with gas. Gas in the kitchen is air, it is breath, it is satisfaction, for chefs. This in turn is pure culinary delight for diners.

The chefs will tell you why gas is important to them and why it is important for the industry. Gas is clean, it’s fast, it plays well, it’s fire, it’s nice. Gas cooking allows us, diners, to get faster service, to experience the pure talents of the chefs, and to participate in the sounds, sights, smells of the kitchen (if it’s an open kitchen).

Nothing beats the sizzle and sear sounds, or the aromas of grilling meat, and the pure pleasure of roasted vegetables. Oh and how could one possibly enjoy a Crème Brûlée without the caramelized sugar? Never! Keep your basic pudding, and bring on the Crème Brûlée, thank you.

Vancouver is a culinary capital, millions of tourists come here to experience our beautiful British Columbia – the mountains, the ocean, the food.

Thank you to all our chefs for keeping our resources – BC’s Agriculture, BC’s Gas, BC’s Tourism – going strong.

Without BC’s Chefs, Foods, and Gas, our economy would not be.

Keeping us connected.

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