Malaysia, land of cultural delights

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

In Malaysia, Makan, Makan! (eat, eat) is the phrase you will hear repeated hundreds of times a day.

While travelling Malaysia you will experience familiar foods, and foods you never could have imagined. A multitude of ancient cultures co-exist in symbiotic harmony creating multi-faceted cuisines from the offerings of the sea, the land and its many peoples.

Ask any Malaysian why their food is so fantastic and they will say it is because of the fresh, clear waters of Malaysia. The ingredients are daily-fresh, the air is perfumed with nature, the people are warm and friendly but above all the love of the people, their pure passion for eating is what makes it one of the best culinary and travel experience you will ever enjoy.

Malaysian pride for Malaysian food, that is when true patriotism shines through. These people are individually proud of their heritage, from the South Indian speaking in ancient Tamil tongues to the brilliant foods of the Chinese Peranakans.

There are so many cultures and subcultures of Malaysia to get to know. There are Indians broken down into South Indians, North Indians and Muslim Indians (yes it sound strange but really the foods are so diverse of these various peoples). Then there are the Chinese of like Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese and more. Eurasians of many descents (Portuguese, Scottish, British etc.). And of course the Malay people, the first and most historical of Malaysia. The best foods in Malaysia is usually a melding pot of these cultures, Malay Chinese, Malay Muslims, Malay Indians and so on.

The diverse foods of Malaysia is the very singular culture of this beautiful land and its people. Patriotism to a Malaysian is not about their country or the unity of their nation, patriotism to them is quite simply, Malaysian Food.

Visit Tourism Malaysia to get an idea of this stunning country.

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