Racism in Canada is not only to be laid at the feet of white people…

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

The eggs are a true representation of what Canada believes diversity means, whites and browns united against all others, this is racism

Let’s call out racism for what it is, racism, let us focus especially on the racism of browns and whites whom are aligned in racist thoughts and acts. That said, let me point out that in my humble opinion, not all white people are racist.

Is Canada truly ready to stop pimping out the “humanitarian” image and focus on implementing real change in our country?

Recently a well-documented letter was sent to me, based on the abhorrent racism that has long been going on at a BC organisation for ending violence; a supposed safe place for all people who are victims of abuse, including racial injustice.

Previously, a white woman was the director of the organisation. After much ado about her racism towards people of colour, the board replaced her with a brown woman, who has not received any relevant training in today’s Women and Gender studies narratives. Was this the right decision?

No. Racism has pride of place in Indian culture, and so it seems it is pride of place in Canada –  and most importantly, for the sake of this post, at an organisation that is supposed to be ending violence against people in BC. My fear is this; how many people of Other were murdered, raped, relegated to the depths of debasement because where they seek help is not a place for all to get help, but just a place with a “nice diverse image” to please the media masses.

Historically victimised First Nations, Indians from the Punjab state and/or of a certain caste mostly, and of course white women, these are the only people worthy of notice in Canada. Why? White women are fighting for equal pay, while brown people are chosen to “represent diversity”, and Indigenous peoples’ victimisations are used to garner funding for these industries that are themselves committing the atrocities.

This is what diversity and inclusivity boils down to in Canada.

This is terrifying for a women of Other (for want of a better word), not only are they going into a job – if they are lucky enough to get a job in their field of study – as a regular Canadian, non-race-based individual, they are knowingly entering a space of abuse…abuse that will come from white “allies” and brown people, whom are both aligned in their racism.

Our one-minded generalisation of the word racism, as in “only white people are racist”, is the most damaging act to the cause to end racism. To end racism, we have to address racism. In the Indian diaspora, racism is rampant amongst Indians, and they are united against all Others.

The history we are trying to write is one of a truly equal Canada. Stamping out racism is being used not as a tool for change, but as a weapon to place bigger racists who align with white racists from the other side of history. The message is strong. Racists will align with Racists who believe that they are both superior to all others who do not identify with their individual race.

Take for example how quickly Trudeau’s black-face was scrubbed clean by the fact he has aligned himself with many brown faces. Also, note how he was ridiculed and belittled by Indian medias when he was a guest in their country.

From the headlines, look at what is done to their own as in the recent Crime Beat episode Forbidden Love, this crime was masterminded by brown people right here on Canadian soil. They murdered their own daughter because she dared to disobey them. Think about what they do to Others on a daily basis.

Look into the past and present and you will note many brown people in positions are unabashedly promoting all things India and Indian and nary a word about all Others or being a proud Canadian. That is truly India’s worst gift to Canada…

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that, halfway across the world, India’s worst gift to the world might be living on. As the South Asian diaspora grows, fueled by energy and education, many of its members have risen within the hierarchies of their adoptive countries. With this rise comes greater power; with power comes the ability to discriminate.

Nor is caste the only Indian cleavage that will matter to the rest of the world before long. In March, police in Sydney had to intervene when growing tensions between local Sikhs and supporters of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party led to Sikhs being attacked on the streets. And back in Silicon Valley, an Indian-American engineer has filed a suit against Apple Inc., arguing that her managers — also from the diaspora — treated her with special contempt because she was a South Asian woman.

For one, any attempt to be realistic about such biases will be fought, tooth and nail, by some Indian Americans themselves. Many like to think that they have moved beyond caste. In India, we know that any room of people who think they have moved beyond caste is one that has only upper-caste people in it — and, yes, the U.S. diaspora is overwhelmingly dominated by people from the “top” deciles of the caste system.” – By Mihir Sharma, Read his full article on Bloomberg.com

Now is the time for racism to be dealt with in this country, one industry at a time. Do not sweep racism under the rug for the sake of the-public-facing-image of your industry. It is time to do some good old fashioned scrubbing and cleaning. It is time media cover the not-trending stories and governments stop bandaging festering sores. Cut the racism away and go deep with invasive tools if need be. Heal this country of racism once and for all.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want all brown people burnt at the stake. That would be racist.

I do strongly believe…People must be hired based on their relevant academic training and their life experiences combined with their passion to make this country a better place for all.

There is room at the table for all people who believe in change, no matter what or whom they identify as, no matter what shade their skin reflects.

There is no room at the table for whites and browns whom are in alignment with their deepest belief; racism against all non-white and non-brown people.

My question is this…who is brave enough to start the tend to bring an end to this racist reign in Canada?

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