Business Class is Good, but economy saves your money

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

Whether I fly business class or regular economy, I am happy to go on an adventure, to get to a whole new place to discover. Never, ever lose sight of your adventure!

Regular economy, I am used to it. The cramp spaces and the slight air of nervousness and frustration, and even the overall anger from fellow passengers. I accepted all of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling. I love to people watch and I love the thrill of taking off, and the adrenaline-rush of landing. But, the airplane air is what I dislike the most, the dry soul-sucking air that leaves our skin ashy and our dry mouths begging for moisture.

Then I upgraded to premium economy and thought, whoa! this is pretty nice, I can lie back a few inches, get served with real silverware, and I get as much water as I want. Pretty cool, right?

One flight, oh lucky me, I got upgraded to business class and holy-shit what a life these lucky individuals have!

First off, I got a whole little pod of my own, where my seat turned into a full bed. Everything was at my fingertips. The flat screen television swivelled to accommodate me complete with surround sound and high tech headphones. The cool headphones that amplified Mozart like he was right in the pod with me, headphones that sat like air on my head and ear pads that cushioned my ears like little gentle hands.

Can one really enjoy Mozart any other way?

There were neat little storage areas for bags, pillows and blankets. Plus every conceivable self-care product I may need.

I could breathe deep lungfuls of oxygen, no need to pant for air. My skin was smooth and silky, after 20 hours flying (one connection). I could literally stay in business class for another 10 hours. It was that good a journey.

The other biggest experience was, I could not see my co-passengers and that was crazy cool. Imagine feeling like you are flying through space all alone.

They have proper meal menus with many choices and an actual chef whom personally greeted us, and chatted us up with us. A menu with oodles of meals and snacks and drinks and cocktails. The presentations and flavours were of fine dining class, the service of the same. Fine china and heavy silverware.  Condiments like fresh butter, preserves and sauces came in little pottery pots. Snowy white linens. Decadent, luxurious, artfully prepared dishes. Coffee to die for, real Italian and organic, with real cream and sugar. Wow.

There are essential oils and creams in the washroom. And upon boarding I was handed a blanket, pillow, set of pyjamas and a bag of every conceivable item I may have a need for a 2-day away trip from home.

Everyone could try it once, business class. But, to see more of the world, to really meet cultures and live the adventures…economy is better than A-Okay for me, economy is my ticket to see more of the world.

If you are interested…my favourite airlines these days are SkyExpress and Turkish Airlines.

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