A cup of coffee with a heart on it.

Do You Trust AI? My coffee

Can AI really take over? I wonder what I will miss the most if that happens…ChatGPT has its uses, but only as a place to streamline info gathering , or to synopsis some piece, but… What will happen to real talent when AI takes over? I shudder to think about…

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A bunch of rusks sitting on top of a table in Kythira

A Tradition of Returning Sons, Kythira

“I changed the way the world sees rusk; Kythira Rusk is our unique story because the mere existence of this paradise, the aromatics of this island is a huge part of our story” – Pavlos Koroneos Sifting through the mix to find the purest form of rusk, I heard tell…

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A rocky shore with water and plants on the side.

Find Joy even when the world

What a headline right? Because us finding joy right now is quite the difficult thing to achieve…or is it? Right now as the world burns, as floods destroy, as war rages, as the economy tanks, as Canada fights with big techs, we feel sad, angry, guilty. We are conditioned to…

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Roast Balanjay AKA Roasted Eggplant, Easy

From mid-July to late September it is balanjay, aka eggplant, season. These sun soakers love the heat, and they are grown year round in hot countries where they are called by many names; aubergines, eggplants, bharta, and balanjay depending in where you are. No matter the name, it is one…

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A pan of shrimp and rice with cilantro.

Fast and Easy Guyanese Style Prawns

Cooking is as easy as one, two, three, with my Kitsilano Masala and Green seasoning. Go ahead and try this Guyanese Style Prawns Curry recipe. The economy is getting more and more ridiculous and so we must find ways to save money. Maybe we can even do less side hustles…

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A boat full of people is in the water.

The suffering of the wealthy versus

The price they paid for their journey. The rich and the poor paid with money, and their lives, but it is how living society reacted in the aftermath that makes my blood boil. One child died in the Atlantic Ocean Misadventure that cost 250,000 dollars Spare change to the rich…

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A stack of books on top of each other.

On reading and writing

This desire to pack information into every page without preamble, without an introduction to the subject is disconcerting to say the least. Reading and writing should be fun. Sometimes I read a page and I feel assaulted, it is like going on a date and before you can say hello,…

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A plate with some food on it and a knife

SIMUL gastronomic situ, Athens

Each dish, although grounded in history was lifted up to a status I could not have imagined for Greek cuisine. Greece was brought to celebratory life in a culinary evolution of the chef’s elevated vision for the culture and history. I always thought going out with a large group to…

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A piece of paper with a leaf wrapped around it.

Little Glimpses Into Malaysia Travel

Malaysia is and will always be a food lovers paradise, but even more than that it is the best Southeast Asian country for culture-travel! The place is a mix of kinda European cafe culture and tropical rustic. The people are warm and friendly, and loves to tell a good story.…

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A man and woman shaking hands in front of some stairs.

The Old Fashioned Way Of Doing

Integrity, honesty, respect, kindness, knowledge of the industry and the client or customer, and even more, respect for the project, all this sealed with a firm handshake. This is what it means to be a professional. As 2021 closes I think of those days when we trusted each other, when…

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A body of water with buildings in the background.

10 Things to love about Victoria,

This is my 10 must-do activities list when I visit Victoria, BC, Canada. If you love people, travel and glorious food, and you haven’t visited Victoria, then you are missing out! How many times have you visited a place for work and never actually visit the place? Cryptic question, I…

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