Meet Sam Bacchus McLeod

Hey there! I'm Sam, a travel and food lover from Vancouver, and a proud cancer warrior and survivor. My battle with cancer has intensified my zest for life and my commitment to celebrating every moment.

My adventures in travel have taken me from the bustling markets of Asia to the tranquil beaches of the Caribbean and beyond. Curiosity drives me, whether I'm seeking out a hidden café in South America or diving into a local dish in Africa.

When I'm not jotting down travel tales, you can find me behind the lens, capturing everything from organic farm produce to sunsets over vibrant horizons. I have a profound belief that my lifelong habit of savouring good food played a huge part in my healing journey post-cancer. Speaking of habits, you should know about my addiction – Orangetheory fitness workouts. They're the high-energy boosts that keep me thriving!

Now, besides all the food and travel, I’m also flexing my creative muscles, working on three novels I'm determined to publish. Each word I pen down is a testament to my journey and the stories that shaped my life. I want to share this beautiful journey of words with the world before I bid adieu.

To me, food is more than just a meal. It's an experience, a story, a journey. Every time I'm at a farmer's market, whether it's here at home or somewhere abroad, I feel like a newborn baby opening its eyes for the first time to the wonders of the world. And yeah, I also like to think of myself as a fairy, flitting from one awesome farmer to another, soaking in their stories and thanking them for the very life they bring to our tables and in turn our longevity.

By the way, if you've tried some unique spice blends or sauces at my place and want some of your own? Hit me up, they're all inspired by my travels. And I'm always up for swapping recipes and food stories, so don't be shy!

Big on Canadian food sovereignty:
I truly believe everyone deserves access to clean, healthy grub. So, whether you're here for a recipe, a travel tip, or just a good read about some wonderful people I've met, welcome! Let's embrace life, share stories, laugh, and explore the world of food together.

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