The suffering of the wealthy versus the poor

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

The price they paid for their journey. The rich and the poor paid with money, and their lives, but it is how living society reacted in the aftermath that makes my blood boil.

One child died in the Atlantic Ocean

Misadventure that cost 250,000 dollars

Spare change to the rich

100 children drowned in the Aegean Sea

Murdered because they dared to hope

Drowned alongside their mothers and her dreams

Her last pennies spent

What does it matter now? Who cares if their bodies are brought up to shore?

Whilst Greece’s political parties throw blame at each other, and the EU countries pay their mafia dues to Turkey and Greece, whilst NGOs milk their cash cows

Children are rotting in the sea or eaten by predators

But what does that matter, they were of no consequence.

Five days later and millions of dollars of valuable aid used up

The rich can bury their dead, knowing what happened and where they ended up, and that they died quickly, and happy living a dream they had embarked upon

15 days later and 100 children still drowned at sea, while the fight continues, on land, of who gets paid what, to do what

Rest assured those children died in terror, over a longer period, clutching for life, for breath, before the sea claimed them to sleep forever

Blessed are the rich

Cursed are the poor

The rich shall inherit the earth to stand upon

The meek shall be the foundation

Sleep well little children, sleep well

Away from this madly unfair world

Where the chosen rules

And the wealthy takes care of their own.

Do you ever wake up feeling anger and frustration towards the lack of attention and action given to the tragic deaths of the poor, the way the poor is discarded in death and life?

Do you ever think about the contrasting treatment of the rich, in death and life, the way they are glorified, their crowning achievements, and their everlasting legacy

The news feeds my soul with sadness and darkness, vivid imagery jump to life, and the grand divide of the rich and the poor is so stark, there is not even a tiny effort made to justify the inequality. It just is so, and that is that.

Canada is 9,984,670 square kilometres, which makes it the second largest country on earth, we have 40 million people living here, which would make it the least inhabited country on earth.

Canada is the second-biggest country on earth, yet over 80 per cent of its land is uninhabited, and most Canadians live clustered in a handful of large cities close to the U.S. border. This reality stems from Canada’s unique geography, which is, all things considered, rather unfriendly to humans.

I disagree on two counts..

Have you seen what Canada did to the First Nations? They were “gifted”, with their own mind you, most uninhabitable land. They have suffered, but we are living to see them triumphed despite what was done, and is still being done. First Nations are the first ones to welcome the disenfranchised, they have shared what little they have with the people that come to them for help and guidance. They have paid the price with so many lives taken away, and so much lasting traumas. They triumphed. They are still here today.

I have travelled this land from BC to Ontario, and although there are many small towns that had thrived at some point in history, the populations along the way are almost non-existent. Those towns have it all to grow bigger and more vibrant. Our northern provinces are begging people to move there, people are actually paid to move to the north. The prairies have unlimited land and water for humans to move there, to grow and thrive. If we can open our borders to more refugees, they will enrich this country. Industries will be created, land will be occupied, jobs will multiply, the landscapes will come alive, with, well, life.

Stop populating the big cities, bring back the good parts of small town values, put people there. Spend the wasted millions that is spent on keeping up with world power – with no world arms mind – on creating space for newcomers.

Do something different, Canada, say fuck the “norms” and put poor people first. After all, it was poor people that built the country, after it was stolen from the true people.

New universities will be built, new factories, more farms. We will thrive and become a super country if we so desire. But above all, we will be that country that is known for being at the forefront of placing humans first. Then we will have less use for this new AI trend, what do you think?

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