Do You Trust AI? My coffee meanderings…

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

Can AI really take over? I wonder what I will miss the most if that happens…ChatGPT has its uses, but only as a place to streamline info gathering , or to synopsis some piece, but…

What will happen to real talent when AI takes over?

I shudder to think about it.

I am a writer, a storyteller.

I record the history around me.

The future will only see the history of a world the robot sees.

We are essentially wiping out our humanness.

The thing that makes us real will be eradicated, the nuances of our individual lives, the angst of emotions, the pain, and the joy of family. The quirk of a single moment that sticks forever in our minds, our hearts. 

How does AI record that? The moment when a child’s entire being lifts off the floor as they make their first steps.

The shuddering triumph of a mother watching her baby conquer gravity on their tippy toes, the fear in her chest as they barrel forward for the closest stationary object.

How does AI record the warmth that glows in the belly when a person is kissed just the right way?

Can we really let go of our very souls to a soul-less thing?

How do we compete with AI, it is artificial intelligence, right?

What does that mean? really what does it mean to glorify artificial intelligence, what does it say about humans. That we prefer to be like all the rest in artificial life than face the fact that we are talentless in this stance?

For now, I can tell the difference, because I read with a 6th sense. Something only avid readers and real writers can do.

We can read what the author is not saying.

We can feel what the characters can’t feel…yet, because we are human, we have felt it before.  We can taste the thoughts, we can paint the air, we can see the invisible. We are real intelligence, we are RI. And we are not going anywhere, not for as long as old people like us are alive, anyway.

In conclusion, aye AI, goodbye.

 I will stick with RI until I am redundant.

Am I?

Poetry helps me make sense of the world.

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