Women’s rights are human rights.

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

Women’s rights mean we stand together for our sisters, brothers, others, and ourselves.

We have always brought about change for equality, attention to crimes against humanity, and for being loud and bloody proud about our martyrdom.

Only our actions today will send a message of love and solidarity to every woman, child, other, and man, living on this planet.

Listen up you, Neanderthal politicians in first worlds and emerging countries, crabbing backwards into the past.

We are saying to each and every one of you.

Our job is to drag YOU into the 21st century.

Mobilize now, my sisters and brothers and my others, and stop this insanity.

That is our slogan – the march is only the beginning of a whole lot of action.

They want to club us in the head and drag us back into an ancient era , so no more sitting on the fence.

If you fell over the fence and need a hand climbing back to the other side, we are here for you.

If you choose to stay there and be abused, to watch your daughters and sons and they, be stomped on and stomped out too early in their young lives. Then we will fight for them too.

Our job now is to let every woman, other, child and man know that we are here.

We are in every industry, in every outreach centre, every shop, store, restaurant. We are on the bus, bikepaths, airplanes, and trains. We are in schools, gyms, in parks, on the streets. We are in the south, east, west and north side. We are in every home, village, town, and city. We are in every single country.

We will never again shut up, turn a blind eye, or hope someone else does the job.

Speak up. Stand up. Action!

Grabbing a pussy without invite is a crime.

Refusing someone a job because he black is a crime.

Starving out people by taking away their livelihoods is called mass warfare, that a crime too.

Making a people invisible is a crime, you did it to First Nations and we were not there, but we are NOW.

Ignoring Hitler and his perfect race for decades, that was the second biggest crime in history.


No, nobody grabs this pussy unless I ask him or her to.

No, if I do the same job as you and we have the same results then we get paid the same goddamn salary.

No, you don’t get to decide what I deserve based on the colour of my skin.

No, you don’t tell me what my sexual identity is supposed to be.

No, you don’t build a wall when we are doing everything possible to tear them down.

No, you cannot turn back progress; it doesn’t work that way, thank goodness.

No, you are not taking away health care. People’s fundamental rights are food, medicine and education.

No, no, no. Get this. Abortion is my right as a woman.

This is my body.

This is my mind.

This is my power.

Together we are unstoppable.


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