I do so love Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

Malaysian food is marinated in history – every dish is a story of the nation, its people and culture. Kuala Lumpur is a must visit place on your list of South Asian countries.

Kuala Lumpur is home to 1.8 million other KLites. It is a place where a variety of cultures are all infused into one melting pot to offer a unique experience to visitors. KL (KLites are people who originate from or live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is definitely a place where everyday fun and world-class sophistication meet to create a unique destination for travellers, filled with Malaysian charm and friendliness – with greetings of “Selamat Datang” (Welcome) everywhere you go.

I love visiting Malaysia. The people I have met over the years are always welcoming, and they are always happy to show me a great time in their lovely city.

In KL, one can find a rustic country life right in the heart of the city, or high-end luxury life in big houses with swimming pools, or even penthouse suites high in the sky. From the modernistic high-rises, with thriving night markets right at their feet, to thousands of cafes jammed up along every street.

Kuala Lumpur is a city of hard workers, there’s no doubt about that. Most people work 2/3 jobs to afford a good life. They party hard too, which means they know how to enjoy the evenings.

Once the regular-as-clockwork late afternoon rain shower has passed over to ease the heat of the day away, that’s when it’s time to party. You can hit the night life for clubs, live music, dance, endless food, Karaoke, plays, concerts, and even some night golfing.

There are many live bands playing nightly all around the city. KLites love their eighties ballads and today’s hottest pop music.

Kuala Lumpur is a city of avid foodies. Food is on offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many cultures coexisting in this metropolis and the food reflects all of their histories.

You will not find Chinese cuisine. No, you need to be more specific than that. You can go for Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Malay Chinese and more.

Indian cuisine? Oh my, no. You can go for South Indian, Muslim Indian, North Indian, Malay Indian, Malaysian Indian, Mamak Food stalls.

Then of course there is authentic Malay food, plus Malay-influenced foods, and Chinese-influenced Malay food, and Indian-influenced Malay food, and vice versa all around.

The people are lovely and will always be willing to guide you, or sometimes even join you in dining, so make some friends and let them show you their city of joyful food.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of dishes to try, like the four dishes mentioned below, every dish has its origins and its influences.

The Indian Muslim Mee Goreng Mamak of curried noodles with beef, chicken and seafood, Soy sauce, vegetables, omelette and hot chillies. You will ask yourself, Is it Indian, Chinese, or Malay? But you will be blown away by the taste adventure when you inhale a big bowl of these noodles.

The Chinese Char Kuey Teow is made in a wok (to impart the breath of the wok “wok heiâ€) with flat rice noodles fried with lard and various soy sauces, and the essential chillies. Then, cockles, bean sprouts, Chinese chives, prawns and an omelette are added to make this so truly unique.

The Malay Rojak (mixture) is a fried dough fritter, seasoned with sambal and served with fruits and veggies. Every region boasts their own creation of this dish. It is the most delicious combination of sweet, spicy and tangy.

 You can try chicken curry in styles like Kampung (village), Kapitan (Peranakan) and probably another 50 different types of chicken curries.

 Visit Kuala Lumpur for the people, the travel and the food. And what’s even better? it is one of the most affordable vacations place because the exchange rate is 3 Malaysian Ringitt to 1 Canadian Dollar. See you in Kuala Lumpur soon!

Kuala Lumpur, the main gateway to Malaysia has a variety of attractions ranging from culture, heritage & places of interest, shopping, entertainment, nature & adventure, luxury travel, sports, business & events, medical & wellness, and education all showcases the city’s contrasts and diversity. This is what makes KL distinctive and the city’s identity was built on its history, people and tradition in the arts and culture.

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