by Samantha Bacchus McLeod

My spice blends are inspired by my treks around beautiful Vancouver. Here, we have many stunning neighbourhoods and each hood tells its own story…welcome to the West End.

Get my WEST END BLEND for $12.00 (3.3 oz). Send me an email, text, or message on socials.

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This hardworking, feel good, unpretentious blend is perfect in its diversity and inclusivity. Incorporating both South and East Asian spices and European herbs, this blend manages to embrace every type of cuisine. This warm hearted creation is loved by everybody.

The West End in Vancouver is where the “real” people live. The hardworking, everyday kind of people, which makes it the most diverse place in Vancouver. If you go on a stroll up Denman Street, or down iconic Robson, you will encounter people from every corner of the earth. There are many mom-and-pop eateries still in existence and that is a heartwarming thing to see. Those old fashioned cornerstones businesses of a neighbourhood that takes pride in community.

Ingredients – Paprika chilli, coriander, garlic, cumin, black pepper, onion, mustard, curry, basil, thyme, smoked paprika, Mediterranean sea salt.

Our blends are 100 percent organic, and handmade in small batches just for you and yours.

Try my unique creations in your stews, use them to experiment with your smoking recipes, they work really well in barbecued dishes too. Try it in braises and soups and in just about anything your heart desires. I love this one blend for those days when I am short on time and long on guests. I can whip up and create in minutes with this spice blend. Throw this baby on anything. Or try one of our other blends!

A few ways to use your spice blends according to thekitchen.com
Fish or meat: Speaking of fish, this is another easy way to use any spice mix. Coat fish fillets, rub into a steak, or sprinkle liberally on chicken before cooking.
Popcorn: The first, and easiest, way to enjoy almost any spice or spice mix is to sprinkle on freshly-popped popcorn.
Salad dressings: I like to add spices to a basic vinaigrette.

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